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BBQ Tools, Easy Barbecue Kebab Maker Rapid Meat Skewer

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BBQ Tools, Easy Barbecue Kebab Maker Rapid Meat Skewer

*Faster to grill and convenient: Quick to make the shish kebab.You can make 49pcs brochettes kebab in 5 seconds to keep the meat fresh.It's convenient to eat.Save time and healthy.
*No greasy and No hurt your hand: You will puncture and connect the kabobs outside the box so that this kabob maker can protect your hands and keep the food high safety and cleanness.
*Uniform meat sizes so easy to grill:The meat is square uniformly after cut by this kabob maker and then heating evenly.The food will be cooked easily and quickly.
*Well choice:Kebab Making Machine Can is used with meat, seafood, fruit or vegetables. Great for family gathering, parties and so much more.

Name: Stringer
Number of strings: 49
Material: ABS safe and non-toxic

How to use?
1.Pull out the iron bar.
2.Open the skewer maker door.According to your favorite food, you can place the colorful pepper, onions and others meat.
3.Once the skewer maker is filled with food, close the door and insert the iron bar into the box.Place the top on the skewer maker.
4.Put the bamboo skewers insert into the stainless steel skewers.
5.Put the stainless steel skewers with bamboo skewers insert through the holes from the top.
6.Using a sharp knife insert into each lateral slit and begin to slicing from top to bottom. Continue to cut each lateral slit until complete.
7.Take the top and body off from the skewer maker.
8.Enjoy the 49pcs kebab!

What's included?
1 * skewer maker